Restaurant Nutrition

The Restaurant Nutrition application allows a user to easily view nutritional information about restaurant menus and track what they have eaten. It can also synchronize their personal meal entries with the internet web site More menu information will be added to the database over time and can be retrieved with the updater in the application. Features to be released in the next version can be found at the end of this description.
Restaurant Nutrition

  • The Restaurant Nutrition user can turn on diets to track calorie carbohydrates, protein, and fat to help track and quantify their dieting progress
  • The program can check for updated menu information on and download updated data as it is available
  • Each time a restaurant name appears in the program the map button near it can be touched to open the Maps application showing all of that restaurant’s nearby locations
  • Multiple people can track what they eat in this application at the same time by utilizing the concept of profiles
  • The application can either be setup to connect to the internet, or run as a standalone application saving data entries only to the iPhone.
  • Registered users of will enter their username and password which will tie their username in Restaurant Nutrition to their account on that site
  • Anytime a meal is entered on the iPhone, it can be transmitted and uploaded to the website and recorded there

Restaurant Nutrition

  • SAM

    The app is well worth the price. Are the calories listed, say for California Pizza Kitchens”s BLT pizza, for a slice or for the whole pizza?

  • LKA

    Please add to your database. They appear to be updating their nutrition information but it would be valuable to have this listing in your data base. Thank You.

  • Is there any chance to add Tumbleweed and Buckheads restaurants? Thanks, great app!

    • Hello Jim!

      We would be happy to put these on the list for you, but we are unable to to find official nutrition information for them. If you are able to find the links, please post them for us. Thank you!

  • Bob

    Your iphone Restaurants app nutritional information for Chick-fil-a is inadequate and incorrect. Their waffle fries come in three serving sizes, but you only list one. Furthermore, the calorie count that you give for your only fries listing is 20 calories less than the smallest serving shown on the Chick-fil-a website. The calorie count you show for the classic chicken sandwich also understates the calorie count shown on the Chick-fil-a website.

    I also checked your Panera Bread Full “Tula” Salad Sandwich against the website. Again you understated the calories (by 30).

    Of the items that I checked against the sellers’ websites, you came closest with the Wendy’s chicken club sandwich, where you understated the calorie count by only 10 (610 vs 620).

    I like your app, but your database has problems!

    • Thank you so much for this information. We will check those items immediately. We are also working on an update that will include a ‘report’ feature which will help our users quickly report items to us that they find incorrect. Often times, companies update their nutritional information and we do not know about it. There is also of course, human error. We appreciate you all letting us know when there is something wrong so we can take care of it!

      Restaurant Nutrition will also be getting its very own website very soon!

  • Great app. I would like to see outback steak house, chevy’s, and Philly cheese steak shop added. The are all national chains. Thanks again!

    • Hi Jason!

      We were able to find information for Philly Cheese Steak Shop, Outback Steakhouse and Chevy’s! We will put them on the list for implementation. Thank you for the suggestion!

  • Could you please add Applebees to your list? Great app on the iPhone!!’

  • Can you add your restaurant listings to my Palm Pre application, called “Absolute Fitness?”

    • Hello Rebecca!

      Right now, our app is only available on iPhone. However we do have plans to expand to other platforms. We would not be able to incorporate our application into another existing one, but you would be able to have it with you!

  • I think the old country buffet and sushi bars are also good choices to add to this list :)

  • [...] information, location, menus and customer reviews directly on your phone.Here are some examples:Restaurant Nutrition App Enter your meal on this app and track calories and view nutritional information from a wide variety [...]

  • Hi. Just wondering when the next major update will be? Love the app and can’t wait to see what is thrown in next!

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